Buying for an under 18? It’s an offence

In the week when hundreds of young people in Ashfield and Mansfield receive their GCSE results, Ashfield Community Partnership and Mansfield Community Partnership are reminding them to stay safe as they celebrate.


Adults are also being reminded that buying alcohol on behalf of those aged under 18 is illegal and carries an unlimited fine.


Work to help keep young people safe and to raise their awareness about a range of issues including underage drinking is regularly done by the Partnerships, and in recognition of what a big occasion results day is, extra actions are being put in place.


Police patrols and those done by Community Protection Officers (CPOs) in Ashfield and Wardens in Mansfield are being increased. Council and police licensing officers are also reminding off-licenses to check for age verification when selling alcohol to young people and to keep an eye out for potential proxy purchases.


A leaflet produced by the Community Alcohol Partnership in Sutton-in-Ashfield last year pointed out that 13–15% (1 in every 7) of 15 –16 year-olds have been involved in an accident or been injured as a result of drinking alcohol and that nearly half of all 10 to 17-years–olds who drink once a week or more admit to some sort of criminal activity or disorderly behaviour with around two-thirds getting into an argument and about a fifth into a fight.*


“We definitely do not want to spoil anyone’s fun,” Mansfield Inspector Nick Butler said, “but we do want to make everyone stays safe and legal.


“Enjoy sharing great results with friends, and make sure you look out for those who didn’t do as well as they hoped. Go for a meal, to see a film or book a fun activity and have a good time together.”


Ashfield Inspector Glenn Longden added: “For many, GCSE results determine what happens next but all of the opportunities that good grades provide can be wiped out by a criminal record. Many professions will not accept a person with one, so we say have fun celebrating, but do so without breaking the law.


“We want everyone to have an A-star day and look forward to seeing lots of happy young people on Thursday.”