International Clean Up Mansfield Day

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Will you be taking part in International Clean Up Mansfield Day on 9 June?

The project, which is organised by Mansfield District Council, is now in its fifth year and aims to bring Mansfields from across the globe together to make them the cleanest towns in the world.

You too can sign up online and take part. All help is welcome, whether you take part in a big activity such as planting trees or a small activity like half an hour of litter picking.

Busy on 9 June? Don't worry, activities can be held on any day. To find out more and to sign up please click the link here.

So far town centre businesses McDonalds, Boots, Marks and Spencer, have signed up to join Four Seasons Shopping Centre and Mansfield BID on activities in the town centre. Conservation groups, schools, council staff and councillors are also taking part across the district. Meanwhile, clean up events will be taking place in Victoria, Australia and Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Texas in the USA.

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