Power to the people

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Changes that mean residents will have more say and greater involvement in partnership working are being introduced in Oak Tree.

Image: Group walking along Oak Tree estate pathway.
Walkabout in Oak Tree.
The new way of working is being called Building Futures. It will help residents to determine what is focussed on in Oak Tree and to get involved in the work.

This approach will build on community strengths and things already here, rather than focussing on problems. It will also see residents involved in decision-making, putting a stop to things being “done to them” and replacing it with things being “done with them”.

Oak Tree is one of three areas chosen as a starting point for Building Futures, with a view to it being extended across the district as time goes on. The other two are Bellamy and Ravensdale.

A walkabout that involved a small number of residents as well as county and district council officers and police representatives took place a few weeks ago to start to get an “on-the-ground” feel for the area.

In the coming weeks you may start to see more of the Community Engagement team, MDC Housing staff, PCSOs and Wardens responsible out and about.

They are keen to hear from you about what you feel is good about the community and what can be developed to improve the area.

This approach has been introduced in other areas of the country and has delivered some very positive changes.

Among the benefits elsewhere are that is has brought people together in communities who might otherwise never have met; helped groups solve problems by working together and sharing information, and helped people develop new skills and groups to brighten their lives and improve their whole community.

If you would like more information about Building Futures please contact Millie Alonso or Sioned Dolan on 01623-463485.